Childhood Career :

He started playing football at the age of 12 in the inferior categories of the Levallois SC. This was the team were Drogba started to form as a football player he made the fist team but he didn’t start in the matches .

Olymique of Marsella :

He was only one year in this club but he is very larticle-2008987-0c6388c0000005dc-869_634x362oved in this in this club . He scored 19 goals in the league , 5 goals in the champions league and 6 goals in europe league after this great season chealsea signed him for 24 million euros .

Galatasaray and Montreal Impact :

In galatasaray he was one year amd a half and he won all the titles posible in that league along with snejider .then he returned to chelsea for a year when he scored 3 goals because he didn’t play and thet he was already old .after this chelsea return he left to USA to Montreal Impact where he is actually .1929526_w2 drogba-photo